Our People

 Alamander staff are talented and passionate teachers, artists and parents who are committed to cooperative group building, conflict resolution and mediation.  We believe in kids and we put that belief at the center of everything we do.   


Abby Wambaugh, Co-Director

Abby has worked with kids for a decade as a camp counselor and administrator, and a teacher and advisor at Brooklyn Free School for preschool through middle school. She currently uses her expertise in dodgeball and dance-offs to lead grown ups in play at Camp Grounded, summer camp for adults.  Abby graduated from Long Island University with a BA in Humor and Social Change. She likes to write stories, build dollhouses, and play dragons with her daughter, Georgie.

Sasha Siegelbaum, Co-Director

Sasha has worked as a progressive educator for 10 years and believes strongly in the importance of a democratic classroom for all young people.  Sasha graduated from Barnard College with a BA in Art and Art History and from Bank Street College of Education with a MS in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. Most recently, she was a teacher and advisor at the Brooklyn Free School. She loves to draw, collage and invent new toys for her children, Milo and Iris. 


Nancy Fenelon, Director of After School

Nancy  is  an experienced educator and playwright. She believes in children as self directed learners, and loves to foster creativity and community through fun and engaging activities. In addition to her work as an Advisor at the Brooklyn Free School, Nancy has spent time teaching and volunteering abroad in Abu Dhabi and Haiti. She holds a BA In English Language Arts & Theater and an MS in Childhood Education and Special Education. She loves reading, writing, and cooking.  

Gabbi Zutrau, teacher

Gabbi is a social justice organizer who's political practice is based in ethical anti-oppressive youth work. Gabbi is a recent graduate of Smith College where she majored in linguistics and psychology with a concentration in Mandarin translation studies. In the summer Gabbi co-directs Rowe Young People's Camp, a youth empowerment program for 8- to 12-year-olds. 


Jordan Bodwell, Teacher 

Jordan Bodwell has a BA from Bard College and has worked in child-led youth programs and sleep-away camps.  He is a certified Yoga Instructor, and can always be found building forts and reading stories to happy campers.

Julia Zeff, Teacher

Julia is an art educator who loves designing textiles and beading with young people. She is a jewelry maker and artist and holds a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art.  Since graduating, Julia has worked as an artists' apprentice and counselor at the Textile Art Center.