At Alamander Camp, we believe in young people.


We value play, community and creativity.

We believe that kids should spend their hours creating, inventing, problem-solving and laughing, so we put our resources - time, teachers and materials - toward supporting their ideas. That means that at camp and after school, the environment often transforms: the block corner becomes a racetrack, the front yard becomes a sidewalk cafe, the classroom becomes a toy workshop. What stays consistent is our commitment to the democratic process and our focus on building a community of acceptance and kindness.


Our People


Our staff are talented artists and teachers, dedicated to following and celebrating kids' thinking. They are trained in conflict mediation, and progressive education.

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What families are saying about Alamander

"My daughter had such a blast last summer. She came home so happy and full of great stories of her experiences. She loved the staff/counselors who made things fun, with lots of love and support and their dealings with me, the parent, were always with utmost respect and sincerity. After 2 weeks, she was longing for more and expressed her strong desire to return next summer! Would highly recommend this earthy, hands on, interactive, experiential, warm and wonderful camp!"

Janine, mom to An 11 year old camper

"My 5 year old son had so much fun this past summer at Alamander Camp. The staff are endlessly creative, energetic, genuine people with a rare capacity to love and support young people. They know how to engage children in ways that always feel spontaneous, warm and exciting. This camp is a place full of the most wonderful adventurous spirits!"

Danielle, Mom to A 5 year old camper

"Alamander is what summer camp should, engaging, supportive. Kids are given the space to get involved with weekly themed projects and in their own way and at their own pace, and have gentle guidance from the many counselors, whom my daughter loved. Alamander was a perfect fit for my slow-to-warm daughter."

Dalia, Mom to a 7 year old camper